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The tin and can museum

It started with the one tin that was found in the rubbish and this has meanwhile grown to 4000! Zeeland tins, English tins, catholic tins and Queens tins: you name it and the can museum has it. The oldest tin is a German tobacco box from 1840; the smallest one is a saffron tin. One of the showpieces is locked in a glass display case and commemorates 100 year of Dutch Monarchy. Another collector's item is a tin of chocolate granulates, signed in 1910 by the famous Haarlem painter Jan Wiegman, as is an Olympic tin from 1928. Themed exhibitions are organised 4 times per year and involve many other collectors. At the rear of the museum you can find a shop from grandmother's era, where they sell old-fashioned sweets.

Camera Museum

Everything about photography
The Camera Museum tells the story about the history to date and the origins of photography in all its facets, a true voyage of discovery.

How does a prism relate to photography. When and how was the first photograph taken and what is a camera obscura? Find out more about the local photographs, the inner workings of a camera and what processes need to be completed before you are holding the finished product.
The dark room, the studio, projection, stereo and of course the actual camera body and all its accessories are on display and explained in the three-storey premises. All this is framed and supplemented with real-life pictures.

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Town Hall Museum in Zierikzee

During the past years, the museum has undergone substantial refurbishments, during which its monumental values have been preserved as much as possible. Both the interior and exterior have an authentic appearance. In addition to its appearance, the facilities too were upgraded. New depots have been built so that the artefacts can be carefully stored without sustaining deterioration in quality. A lift has been fitted, providing access for the physically impaired and the collection too has been renewed. Now that all refurbishments have finished, we can truly say that the building once again meets all the requirements in the field of health, safety and accessibility.