Overview of the things to see and do

Day out with the children

Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Neeltje Jans is a park where nature, culture and technology all merge into one. Videos and exhibitions show the 1953 catastrophic flooding disaster and the world famous Delta Works. With the newly gained knowledge fresh in your mind, a stroll in the interior of the Storm surge barrier becomes even more impressive. For further information, please visit www.neeltjejans.nl.

Water Jump Brouwersdam

The most spectacular water attraction at Brouwersdam. A nearly 8-metre slide with a landing that guarantees a refreshing dive into Grevelingenmeer. Suitable for all aged 6 and up who can swim their own way back! Since recently it is possible to make breathtaking leaps, while pushing back the frontiers! Click here for further information.

Pancakes near the mill

Graanhalm Mill (1847) is a corn and sawmill. Our perfect pancake house can be found right next to the mill where you can choose from no fewer than 30 different types of pancakes. Lovely wholemeal pancakes made from Zeeuwse Vlegel wheat, environmentally-friendly grown locally and grinded at the mill. The dough does not contain any oils, fat or sugar. To top it all off, you can visit the shop and a fun playground for the children! This used to be a corn mill only, but in 2003 a frame saw was installed down inside the mill. The trunk crane is used to bring the tree trunks in and secure them onto the log carriage. The trunk is sawn up using wind or engine power; a highly impressive and very educational process. For further information, please visit www.pannekoekenmolen.nl.

Go ahead and jump!

Nature information point/trampoline centre "Westerschouwen": here you can go trampoline jumping on no fewer than six trampolines. Alternatively, you can be part of a big group and go on go-kart cycling trip. And there is lots more to do and undertake, such as going out and about with a nature reserve guide. For further information, please visit www.jantrampoline.nl