Enjoy Renesse at Sea in Holland

When on holiday, we just want to enjoy ourselves. And this enjoyment consists of a balance between active days out and lazy days in. For some, mainly the latter, but ultimately we choose what best suits us. And this can range from lazing the day away at the beach, playing a game of boule, enjoying a drink in an outdoor cafe or a relaxed hour of horseback riding.

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New holiday homes for 6 persons

Are you looking for a good time and want to enjoy yourself with friends or family? You will find everything you need in our new, spacious holiday homes for 6 persons!

Attention; only a few season pitches left!

Only a few season pitches are left for the coming season.
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  • Brushing your teeth yourself in the special children's facilities
  • Space & lots of landscaping
  • The big toy ship...lots of climbing
  • Go and visit Jim & Kim's fun children's club
  • You are guaranteed to make lots of new friends
  • A bedtime story
  • Spacious camping site fields
  • The big toy castle
  • Having fun with arts and crafts in the recreational room
  • Flags are flapping at the entrance